Violet Foundation

The Violet Foundation began in April 2002 after a group of concerned people started  fund-raising for a victim of “meningococcal”. It was identified at that time that  no current Sydney based charity or organisation was raising awareness in relation to meningococcal disease (known to most people as “meningococcal”)

The committee was formed and the three main aims of the Foundation were established

- Promote public awareness about meningococcal disease

- Provide financial assistance to those affected by meningococcal disease

- Provide support and financial funding for research into meningococcal disease, and future prevention of this disease

All members of the committee volunteer their services to ensure all funds raised go towards the aims of the Foundation. We work toward educating people about meningococcal disease and making people aware of the early symptoms to allow early detection and treatment of this disease. Whilst education of the disease has improved within the community and among health care professionals, there remains complacency in some of the hygiene and lifestyle choices that we make.

Vaccination for the meningococcal C strain has had a big impact on reducing infection rates within Australia. Information and education on vaccination will lead to more Australians being protected against this strain of the disease.

Vaccination for the meningococcal B strain remains elusive, and continued research and development are necessary to ensure that a vaccination will become available to provide adequate protection of this strain of the disease. We will continue to work with the medical community in this area with the intention to be able to support full vaccination against meningococcal disease in the future.

Whilst future protection against this disease is a priority, the Violet Foundation will just as importantly continue to support affected people and to provide assistance as required. Through our fundraising events and efforts, it is our intention to provide financial support to the numerous people who live with the ongoing affects of this disease.

The committee and members of the Violet Foundation have all been either directly affected or affected by association to this disease. Creating awareness, working with medical professionals and supporting affected victims of this disease will remain as our main aims for the foundation.